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For sole traders, partnership & small, limited companies, the year end accounts provide invaluable information about your business. We can prepare your accounts from whatever bookkeeping records you have – whether they be computerised, spreadsheets, a cashbook or a bag of receipts. It goes without saying that your accounts will be prepared in accordance with accounting standards and we will check that you are claiming everything you are entitled to. Letting us prepare your year end accounts will relieve you of what can be an extremely stressful and time-consuming exercise. 


We can help you decide whether you need to be VAT registered from the outset or not, we will continue to monitor your situation so that should it become obligatory for you to register for VAT, we can deal with all of the paperwork for you. We will also monitor your position for when we think you are able to and would benefit from de-registering. Your VAT return will be prepared by us & filed online, we can even correspond with HMRC on your behalf. Late registration, errors, late returns & VAT payments can all lead to penalties & interest being charged – let us take away this risk.

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Tax Returns

You will be required to do a Self Assessment Tax Return if you are self employed, a partner, company director, have large amounts of savings or investment income, own land or property that is being let, receive Child Benefit and have household income in excess of £50,000, have income from overseas, have sold or given an asset away (such as a holiday home or some shares), lived or worked abroad or aren’t domiciled in the UK. We can complete your tax return, calculate your tax liability, file online, liaise with you on the amounts to be paid & when they are due & talk to HMRC on your behalf.

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Property Rental

If you rent out property you will pay income tax on the difference between the rents you have charged less any allowable expenses and charges. We can help you to make sure that you are claiming all of the expenses and reliefs you are entitled to. Knowing what maintenance & repairs can be deducted can be tricky, finance costs for any loans or mortgages you have on your properties can also be a complicated area, let us take away all the hassle.


RTI & Auto Enrolment Pension Schemes set up, we can calculate your employees net pay, report the figures & information to HMRC & provide you with staff payslips. We will calculate the PAYE/NIC deductions even if your employees are on sick, paternity or maternity leave, help you to keep track of holiday entitlement & file all starters/leavers forms on your behalf. We can prepare your benefits & expenses forms & advise you of any filing requirements or NIC that falls due. All of your in-year and year-end returns will be done by us leaving you to concentrate on what you love – your business!

I Cloud Accounting

An online accounts service that takes the guesswork out of managing your financial business records and allows you to do what you do best – drive sales and grow your business. Here’s how it could benefit your business: Access financial reports at anytime, anywhere (internet required), create branded invoices & quotes then send them by email, Get things done when you’re on the go, 24/7, Access real-time customer information & collect payments – all from your mobile, Automatically import and reconcile transactions from your bank account, etc.

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Book Keeping

All businesses are required to keep accurate records for tax and VAT purposes. Good bookkeeping benefits the business by helping you manage & control your finances, plan for future growth & ensure that your accounts are completed more efficiently, which should in turn avoid filing penalties. We can offer a range of options tailored to your needs including spreadsheets or cloud accounting where you can get live data anytime, anywhere (so long as you have internet) Want monthly reports, customer or supplier account balances? No problem! Let us take away the hassle of bookkeeping.

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